Text of Episcopal Address to Liberia Annual Conference 2023 by Bishop Quire

Greetings and Introduction

Mother Richlain N. K. Quire, My Darling Wife & Partner in Ministry

Bishop Arthur Flomo Kulah, Bishop Emeritus & Mother Gloria Kulah

Rev. Rose R. Farhat, Conference Speaker

Our Partners in Ministry

Local and International Guests

Government Officials

Liberia Council of Churches & Other Faith Communities

Ministerial & Lay Members

Observers, Brothers & Sisters in the Faith:

Charles A. Tindley who lived from 1856-1933 wrote this great hymn in the Methodist Hymnal: “When the Storms of Life Are Raging”.

“When the storms of life are raging, stand by me.

When the world is tossing me like a ship upon the sea,

Thou who rulest wind and water, stand by me.”

The third stanza of this hymn says;

“In the midst of faults and failures, stand by me.

When I’ve done the best I can,

And my friends misunderstand,

Thou who knowest all about me, stand by me.”

How marvelous it is to quote this great hymn of our Church as we gather once again for this Sacred Conference to celebrate the 190th Session of the Liberia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church at Mount St. John United Methodist Church (Tubman-Gray Gymnasium) in the wonderful City of Gbarnga, Bong County. God, through His prevenient grace, has been good to us in the midst of the storms; storms from within and storms from without. God’s grace, my fellow United Methodists, is sufficient for each of us day by day, moment by moment as we walk the pathways of life.

Let it be known to us all that storms will always rage, which is part of our being, but the good news is that in the midst of the storms, God will stand by us just as He stood by us in 2022.

To God alone be praises and honor, for great things God has done, and greater things God will do. Amen!

I am very grateful and especially overwhelmed as Bishop of the Liberia Episcopal area of The United Methodist Church to give an account of our stewardship for the past conference year, which was characterized by many challenges. But thanks be to God for standing by us in the midst of the challenges which came through the storms. 

Progress in the Midst of Challenges

While we faced the challenges of storms during the year under review, the doors of our churches were opened to worshipers. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was proclaimed, converts were made, baptism and confirmation, all as parts of the worship experience were carried out in good faith. The various Charge Conferences, as well as District Conferences were conducted as scheduled as reported by our District Superintendents. To God be the glory, for great things God has done.


With the help of God, and as part of our Episcopal responsibilities, we visited some of the Districts during the sessions of their District Conferences. We could not reach to all of the districts due to financial constraints.  However, districts visited include: 1. Grand Bassa District   2. St. John River District   3. Monrovia District   4. Jorquelleh District 5. Kakata/Farmington River District 6. Weala District and 7. Gbarnga District.

Notwithstanding, we managed to have reached those districts which we could not visit due to financial constraints via mobile phones.  We also visited and opened the 37th Session of the Conference Young Adult Fellowship held with the Israel J. Williams U.M.C. under the Kakata/Farmington River District.  We are grateful to the leadership of this fellowship for conducting the affairs of this conference in a very peaceful atmosphere. The Opening Sermons for most of the districts visited were delivered by your humbled servant.

During the period under review, our attention was drawn to the J. F. Yancy United Methodist School – (commonly known as Camphor Mission Station) in Grand Bassa County on the St. John River District where we did an assessment of the entire mission station and identified their needs. During our visit, we observed that that part of our ministry was at its lowest ebb; teaching and support staff have gone without pay for months; the infrastructures were in deplorable condition, etc., etc.   In an attempt to give an immediate redress, an “SOS COMMITTEEE” code-named – “OPERATION SAVE CAMPHOR MISSION STATION” was set up to which Rev. Dr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore was appointed as chair, as well as, Retired Bishop John G. Innis as Advisor. This committee was mandated to strategize and raise funds for this mission station so as to help ease the burdens.  This committee will submit a detailed report at the seat of this Conference.  We give God the praise for the strength and energy given us during these visitations.

Let me express words of gratitude to our District Superintendents who are working under difficult circumstances in the midst of the storms. May God Almighty grant them more grace and make provisions for their needs, as well as their families in Jesus’ name.  Amen!

International Travels

During the period under review, our first international visit took us to Freetown, Sierra Leone in March 2022 where we attended and participated in the Sierra Leone Annual Conference (SLAC).  The second visit took us to Nairobi, Kenya, at the invitation of the Africa Initiative Prayer summit, where mother Quire and I were invited.  At this summit, the future United Methodist Church was discussed.

We made our third visit to Abuja, Nigeria, in the month of June 2022, as head of delegation to mediate between aggrieved members of the Nigeria Episcopal Area.  During this mediation, several proposals for a just resolution were adopted.

A second follow-up meeting was held in Grand Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire, from September 27-30, 2022 to review the proposals of the just resolution and to ratify same.  Unfortunately, the situation in Nigeria is still fragile in spite of several mediation efforts.  It is our prayers that Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace, will intervene for permanent resolution.  Let’s keep our brothers and sisters in our prayers.

Infrastructural Development

Fellow United Methodists, I am indeed overwhelmed by the infrastructural developments taking place in our church. During the year under review, we broke grounds for the construction of the John Warner UMC and the Martha Tubman Memorial UMC Multi-Purpose Church.

We also dedicated the following churches: 1. Tubman Preaching Point, now Kitty Decker Memorial UMC, 2. the 200 Years of existence of the First United Methodist Church Monument, 3. the Refuge Women Rehabilitation Center under the St. Paul River District Conference, 4. the dedication of the United Methodist University Graduation Pavilion in Dormah Town, Lower Margibi County and 5. The St. Thomas UMC left wing.  The New Levi C. Williams Memorial United Methodist Church in Barrobo Circuit was constructed awaiting dedication. This new edifice was single-handedly sponsored by Sis. Hester Williams.   At this juncture, may I ask Sis. Williams to kindly stand.

Thanks to all those who gave their resources in the building of these structures. May God bless their efforts and replenish their resources. Special thanks to the District Superintendents under whose supervision these churches and home were constructed and dedicated. May the Kingdom of God expand everywhere people dwell in Jesus’ name.  Amen!

Current Status of the Episcopal Residence

Church, many years ago, this Conference constructed, dedicated and commissioned the Episcopal Residence for the purpose of providing shelter for our Episcopal head. Over the years, it was used for its intended purpose.  Considering many other circumstances, the Church through the Joint Committee of the Board of Trustees, the Episcopacy Committee and other relevant committees, decided to redirect its use toward another vital and critical ministry of our Church. 

Notwithstanding, following some healthy consultations, on June 29, 2022, the residence was decommissioned and its use was redirected for the purpose of higher education.  It will now host the Graduate School of the United Methodist University (UMU).

We trust that in the near future, God will provide another means and perhaps a better facility that will be used as Episcopal Residence.

The Conference Board of Laity Project

The Conference Hall Project that was adopted at the 189th Session, headed by the Conference Board of Laity, was formally launched on December 18, 2022 at the Georgia Patten UMC.  (See Conference Board of Laity Report for details.)

Ministries within the Church

  • Department of Evangelism & Missions

It is often said that evangelism is the Heart-beat of the Church, and so this department is actively involved in the work of evangelism and missions across the Annual Conference. Several workshops and training sessions aimed at strengthening the various districts were held during the year under review. This department under the able leadership of Rev. Matthew B. Williams deserves commendation.  For details of the full activities of this department, please see report.

  • Ministry with Men

The Men under the able leadership of Fth. Abraham Newland are active and alive. They celebrated their 40th Session and 50th Anniversary with the St. Paul River District Men from January 19-22, 2023, at which time elections were held with Bro. Samuel Swen Kun emerging as President. A word of thanks to Fth. Abraham Newland for his leadership for the past four (4) years.  During their closing session, your humbled servant delivered the message.

We once again affirm and admonish them as United Methodist Men, that they have shared responsibilities to see the Annual Conference progress for the realization of the fulfillment of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The advancement of the members of each local Men Unit will see the advancement within the Annual Conference. The practice of good stewardship within each local unit will see the practice of good stewardship within the Annual Conference.  Men, “Be Ye Doers of The Word, And Not Hearers Only”.

  • Women Work

The Conference United Methodist Women Organization under the able and dynamic leadership of Dr. Muriel V. G. Nelson is progressing. Tremendous transformation is taking place through the leadership of Dr. Muriel Nelson.  The Women are empowering the rural Districts Women through agriculture programs for self-sustainability. The Women celebrated their 76th Annual Session and Anniversary from January 23-29, 2023 at Mt. Sinai Prayer Garden, Marshall City, Margibi County, with the Kakata-Farmington River District.

We also affirm our United Methodist Women as well and admonish them that they too have shared responsibilities to seek the upliftment of the Annual Conference by their presence, prayers, gifts and services.  All that they do must be a true representation of the embodiment of the attributes of Jesus Christ because The United Methodist Church, Liberia Area, has benefitted from a true partnership with The United Methodist Church globally and we believe that such partnership must be continued in this Annual Conference.

Let it be known that the Liberia Episcopal Area is prepared to work with the Conference United Methodist Women as we form a united front through dialogue in tackling their concerns raised regarding property last conference year.   We want to see growth and development, and not division.  Remember, we are one in mind, body, and spirit.  I therefore call on the President of the Conference Women to bring all the women in the sheepfold.  We would like to see the participation of all the District Presidents within the Conference United Methodist Women.

 Let me quote the Old Prophet Isaiah when he urged the people of Israel to come together for the good of all: “Come now, let us reason together, saith the LORD! Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool” (Isaiah 1:18 – KJV).   Women, “Not For Ourselves, But for Others!”

  • Young People Ministry

Bro. Emmanuel Kpon-Saye and Bro. David Cole, head the Young People Ministry as Conference Presidents. They celebrated their respective assemblies as scheduled. The young people as future leaders of our church are now behaving well in their various ministries as evident in their activities. I therefore encourage them to be more proactive and productive as we all do ministry together.

Remember, we have a charge to keep, and a God to glorify.  Let us strive to do the best we can, by God’s grace as we all will give an account to God at the end of our journey.

  • Ministry with Children

We continue to be encouraged by the care and nurture of our children across the Annual Conference.   This ministry, under the able leadership of Sis. Karwolokia Y. Gbongolo, is doing well. Directed by the Annual Conference’s overarching guidance, our children at our local churches throughout the length and breadth of our Conference are learning about the love of Jesus Christ and growing in faith as we have seen as we travelled around the Annual Conference. We encourage all United Methodists to support this ministry as the children are our future leaders. (See the report on Children Ministry).

  • Ministry with the Ageing

This ministry under the leadership of Rev. Anna S. Kpaan is functional in words and deeds. They continue to experience the love of God as Senior Citizens through feeding, medical and shelter.  We encourage all of us to support these Senior Citizens as we all will go through that path as we grow in years. (For details, please see the report on The Ministry to the Ageing).

Other Ministries

The other ministries of the Liberia Episcopal Area, The United Methodist Church were carried out during the period under review, as will be delineated through the Connectional Ministries Director’s Report.  I urge you to kindly pay key attention to these reports.  Nevertheless, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Methodist University (UMU), I want to inform this 190th Session that all is not well at our University.  The University is experiencing a serious financial crisis due to the slow pace in payment of fees and tuitions.  The University is currently surviving on tuitions and fees, but presently, most of the students and their parents/guardians and sponsors are not meeting up with their obligations.  Consequently, the senior staff of the University have gone without salaries for the past three months. 

In view of the foregoing, I am appealing to all well-meaning United Methodists under the sound of my voice to kindly make some contributions to the University, especially our local churches.  Let us own this University by supporting it with our gifts.  Details of the over-all state of affairs of the University will be shared with you by the Secretary of the Board who is the President of the University.

The Gracious Protocols

As mentioned last conference year-2022, the issues before us still remain.  However, in order to prepare ourselves adequately, we will use this year to educate the entire Conference through the various auxiliaries of the Liberia Episcopal Area.  Let us not get wearied, but keep on praying for God’s intervention.

As Liberian United Methodists, we cast judgment on no one, neither do we condemn.  However, we are of the conviction that certain behavior relating to same gender relationship in marriage is incompatible with the teaching of Jesus Christ and to that we hold on!  Amen!


Church and State Relationship/General &

Presidential Elections – 2023

We give glory to God for our nation, for the Bible enjoins us to give reverence to the governing authorities.  We are called to pray for those at the helm of leadership in the land.  This I believe we all have been doing. Ours is to pray to God and the rest is left with God who can transform and change the hearts of leaders.

For the period under review, the Church continues to conduct its affairs freely consistent with our belief and practice.  We praise God for this.

Wave of Violence

While our country remains relatively peaceful, notwithstanding, the economic difficulties, yet we are mindful to call attention to the growing threats to our peace and security if nothing tangible is intentionally done to forestall this menace.   I am talking about the wave of lawlessness we see around us daily.  We saw during the festive season, for example, sometimes in December 2022 some criminals who began to attack civilian populace in broad day light, in the streets of Monrovia that led to clashes between the criminals and the civilians.  Thanks for the intervention of state security.  But this must never happen again.  Many of these sorts of violence are amongst our disadvantaged people, enhanced by the use of illicit drugs and substance abuse.

In 2022, we declared as national emergency the effect of drug and substance abuse prevalent amongst most of our young people for which they have become a menace.  In this light, we appointed a special committee headed by Rev. Caleb S. G. Dormah.  Because of the enormous work done thus far, this committee was transitioned into a commission which was officially launched on April 19, 2022.

Moreover, we are shocked to learn some time ago the discovery of some cache of arms and ammunition at the Free Port of Monrovia by our government. We encourage our government to conduct a comprehensive investigation so that those responsible can be held accountable.


National Elections

My Fellow United Methodists, we continue to enjoy the special grace of God for the choices he gives us to make daily, individually and collectively.  Thank God Almighty for another election circle at which time we will go to the polls to make one of the decisive choices as we are set to determine who will lead us for the next six to nine years, come elections October 2023.  In this regard, I call on all Liberians and United Methodists in particular to participate peacefully in the   processes leading to, during and beyond the elections.  Please make yourselves available to register.  You cannot afford to be left out.  Let me urge you all, to do all you can, as much as you can, to make these electioneering activities and the elections themselves peaceful and credible.  Disagreement over a particular choice cannot and should not be grounds for violence. Let’s commit ourselves to a violence free election.

In order to show the extent to which we all should take these elections matters seriously, the National Elections Commission (NEC) wrote us a letter in which they requested our assistance through parish notices to inform and encourage eligible voters of our congregations to turn out and register during the Voters Registration Process (VRP).  Let me share with you the following registration schedules as provided by the NEC:

Registration Period for the following Counties –

March 20, 2023 thru April 9, 2023

Phase One

  1. Montserrado County
  2. Margibi County
  3. Grand Bassa County
  4. Bomi County
  5. Grand Cape County
  6. Gbarpolu County

Registration Period for the following Counties –

April 21, 2023 thru May 11, 2023

Phase Two

  1. Rivercess County
  2. Sinoe County
  3. Grand Kru County
  4. Maryland County
  5. River Gee County
  6. Grand Gedeh County
  7. Nimba County
  8. Bong County
  9. Lofa County

All pastors and ministers appointed beyond the local church, as well as leaders of our local churches are directed to place in their weekly parish bulletins these schedules to be announced daily until these exercises are over.

Ecumenical Relationship

My brothers and sisters in the faith, we still remain a very faithful member of the communities of believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the Ecumenical Circle. The Liberia Council of Churches provides that umbrella and through it, the Church of Liberia speaks to the nation on critical national issues.

For the year in review, we were elected in May 2022 at its 34th General Assembly as 1st Vice President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), with some of our church members heading various committees, including Rev. J. Joel Gould serving as Chairperson on Institutional Development of the LCC, while Rev. Dr. George D. Wilsons, Jr., chairs the Search Committee.

Our project launched in 2022, Liberia Initiative for Food Security commonly known as (L. I. F. E. – Liberia) is on course.  We visited the project site in Gbedin, Nimba County, where rice farms are being sponsored under the project.  Thanks to Bishop D. Jensen Senyenkulo for this great initiative.

Strategic Direction Program

Program Performance Review- (Conference Years 2019-2023)

Fellow United Methodists, upon our incumbency to the Office as Bishop of the Liberia Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church in 2017, we developed a strategic plan for the first five years – (2019-2023).

Meanwhile, we would like to give a brief reflection, which covers the various activities executed annually as follows:

Year One (2019)

  • Formal launching of the Strategic Direction Program; development of the program framework- pillars and clusters; operationalized the program management services structures; and defined the program pillars’ tasks, roles and functions.

Year Two (2020)

  • Adherence to COVID-19 health regulations and protocols; Web Site Development and Internet usage Policy (www.liberiaumc.org); Formal launching of the Yambasu Agriculture Initiative – Integrated Livestock & Marketing Enterprise (YAI-ILME) pilot project; and developed LAC/UMC Staff Policy Manual.

Year Three (2021)

  • Continued upholding COVID-19 health regulations and protocols; Districts-level Strategic Direction & Connectional Ministries Engagement; Program areas and mission stations reduced activities; and facilitated the Conference Center Staff working schedule rationing.

Year Four (2022)

  • Continued the response to the LAC/UMC Social Security enlistment; proposed institutional restructuring plan for districts & program areas; procured vehicles for the Business and Connectional Ministries offices; facilitated the Conference Center staff working hours rationing and supported the Business Office staff jobs description drafting.


Year Five (2023)

  • Connectional Ministries Program Dialogue Forum Launching; End-of-Program Implementation Evaluation Exercises and Program Implementation Performance Report.

The program performance with its various activities describes the overall actions progress-to-date and the performance status highlighting the successes over the period and noting how far we have come in ministry and mission with the benchmarks that defined the respective tasks and delineated numerous objectives.

For the realization of the program goal, eight (8) pillars were constructed to facilitate the implementation framework as the program structure with a pillar focal person designated to coordinate the pillar’s activities.

The program structure comprises the following pillars and they include:

Pillar One:    Evangelism, Spiritual Formation & Mission

Pillar Two:    Financial and Infrastructure Management, Accountability & Stewardship

Pillar Three: Agriculture & Rural Development

Pillar Four:   Education, Human Capacity & Outreach

Pillar Five:     Health and Social Welfare

Pillar Six:       Peace, Reconciliation and Unity

Pillar Seven: Age-Level Ministries (Children, Youths, Young Adults, Men & Women); and

Pillar Eight:   Ecumenical Relations and Connectional Partnerships. For details on the activities undertaken by the various pillars over the period, please see report of the Strategic Plan-(2019-2023).

Agricultural Development

As reported last conference year, the United Methodist Rural and Agriculture Development Program (UMRADP) continues to implement diligently its mandate as enshrined in the Strategic Plan, Pillar Three with the objective: “To assist in alleviating poverty, strengthening the income generating capacity of the Church and re-enforcing its agriculture outreach to farming communities through capacity building training, mechanized farming and sustainable agriculture projects”. 

For the period under review, UMRADP received a grant of one hundred seventy-one thousand ($171,000) United States Dollars for a one-year period, and a cost extension has been initiated with a realignment of six (6) months with additional funding of fifty-four thousand eight hundred ($54,800)United States Dollars to procure a project vehicle. This amount came from the General Board of Global Ministries Agro-Business Grant.

Details will be heard in the UMRADP report, which shall include the various agriculture great projects report, which should see a vigorously evolved agriculture program across our Conference. 


There are numerous challenges affecting the program agencies of our Conference. One of the greatest challenges is the mobilization of resources to fully fund most of our plans due to the global economic situation which is affecting all of us.  However, we are hopeful that this situation will subside so as to enable us improve our financial capability in 2023 and beyond. But we are a people of faith and as the hymn writer states; “Our Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”  And because of that, though there are daunting challenges, yet, we will dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.  And the reason why we will do that as a people called United Methodists in the Liberia Area is all because with a collective resounding voice we say, “On Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand”.  Our future is in God’s hands.

Moments of Joy

Then the LORD God said, it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper as his complement. This is why a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and they become one flesh”. (Gen. 2:18, 24 HCSB).

It is a joy to share with you that during the year under review, two of our District Superintendents got wedded. The Reverend Doctor Samuel B. Browne, District Superintendent of the Monrovia District Conference wedded beautiful Mother Siretta D. S. Browne, while the Reverend Paul Karyidia Gartor, Dean of the Bishop’s Cabinet and District Superintendent of the Kakata/Farmining River District Conference also got wedded to beautiful Eliza Collins-Gartor.

We praise God for these servants of God for the bold steps taken.  May I also congratulate all of our pastors and lay members who got wedded during the conference year. We encourage and urge as many of our males and females to venture into this life-long partnership.  

May God confirm your marriages in Jesus’ name.  Amen!


“O Death! Where is your sting? O grave! Where is your victory?”

Death stole away some of our Ministers, as well as our Lay Members during this reporting period.

Those stolen away from us include but not limited to:

Rev. G. Andrew Seyon, Circuit Superintendent, Barrobo Circuit; Rev. Hezekiah Franklin, Principal, John Wesley United Methodist High School, Weala District Conference & former District Superintendent of the St. John River District Conference; Rev. George M. Mingle, Jr., Principal & Mission Station Director, Camphor Mission Station; Sis. Elfreda Hodge Koffa, INM Project Officer, & Bro. McCull Kollie, Accountant, both from the Department of Health, LAC/UMC; Fth. James G. Innis, Sr., former Director, Agriculture Department, LAC/UMC;  and Fth. James A. Harris, Jr., former Conference Men President;

Others include: Deaconess Lacy Page, Head Deaconess, St. John River District Conference, Rev. Waysaynyonnoh M. Davis, Retired Minister; Fth. McArthur Hill, Director, Department of Communications, LAC/UMC; etc., etc.   A full listing will emerge during the Memorial Service in the Committee on Memoirs report.

May their souls, and the souls of all faithful departed Saints rest in peace. AMEN!


Brothers & Sisters in the household of Faith, I am honored to thank and appreciate firstly My God, who has given me all the strength, energy and wisdom to conduct the affairs of the people called United Methodists in the midst of the storms.

I highly appreciate my office staff, Rev. J. Joel Gould, my Administrative Assistant, Sis. Awah Cole, Executive Secretary, Rev. Dr. Samuel K. Karyeah, Research Officer, Sis. Esther P. G. Zeogar, Office Assistant/Care taker, Bro. Lafayette Browne, Protocol Officer and Bro. Lamin Kamara, Chauffer;  I am grateful.  Let me also point out the case of one of my staff persons who was seriously sick and had to stay away from work for four months.  But because of the special grace of God, he is alive today and has since resumed official duties. I am referring to my chauffer, Bro. Lamin Kamara. Thank God for his healing favor, and thank you, Lamin.  A special thanks also go out to Bro. Isaac M. N. Gbadyu who was able to fill in for Lamin.  A special recognition goes out to Sis. Estella K. Pailey, member of the Episcopacy Committee for ably taking care of me whenever I visit Grand Bassa County.  A big one to the entire Episcopacy Committee headed by Retired Minister Rev. Dr. Erlene P. Thompson.  You took good care of your Bishop during the period under review.

My Cabinet, led by the Dean, Rev. Paul Karyidia Gartor, for their unrelenting posture and dutiful support to the work of our Annual Conference as they lead our various districts.

Grateful thanks and appreciation to our Pastors and Lay People who together make sacrifices for the work of the Lord.  To all the Ministries and Agencies, Chairpersons and Directors, our various Boards, Commissions, Committees and Tax Forces of our Conference.  In our Liberian parlance, I say, Thank you Yaah!!

Let me remind you again about this African Proverb which says, If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk together.   We have been walking far and gaining success in our ministry work because our Partners have been with us in Ministry from the United States, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world, for which, I am most grateful and overwhelmed.

To all the people called United Methodists in the Liberia Episcopal Area, including our Missionaries and Missioners of Hope for your gracious support, a Word of Thanks.  Without you, we would not have gotten this far, for in your various areas and ministries, you have fought the good fight and we have won small battles for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Together indeed, in the name of God, we’ve made it, and we will get there finally.

The last but not the least, to my faithful partner in ministry and sweetheart of 34 (thirty-four) years, Mother Richlain N. K. Quire who stood by me, serving as counselor and a strong pillar of support when I travel around and return home.   Together we pray for all members of our Conference, clergy and laity. Thank you, my rib-bone and comforter. Thanks to all my children for their support as well.  

May God be praised.!!!


My Fellow United Methodist Brothers & Sisters, as we close the Conference year 2022 with all of the storms as mentioned, and open the veil of 2023, let us be mindful of the fact that there will always be storms, serious challenges, disagreements, and differences in our midst. But the good news is that in the midst of these storms and challenges, God will always stand by us.

William Cowper, (1731-1800) wrote this great hymn in the Methodist Hymnal: “God Moves in a Mysterious Way”

  1. God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform;

He plants his foot-steps in the sea, and rides upon the storm.

  • Deep in unfathomable mines of never-failing skill

He treasures up his bright designs, and works his sovereign will.

Stanza #3 says:       “Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;

The clouds ye so much dread are big with mercy,

and shall break in blessings on your head”.

Yes, indeed, Fellow United Methodists, let us not give up.  For God who led us through 2022, will also lead us in this 2023 as we do God’s business.

Let me leave you with this Old Irish Blessing:


Let us remain united in body, mind and soul as we strive for perfection in our walk with God.

Least you forget John Wesley Three Simple Rules;

“Do Good; Do No Harm; Stay in Love With God”.