Prayers and Advice for Bishop Harald Rückert
by Rev. Thomas Coke
Originally offered for Francis Asbury on December 27, 1784

A Prayer for Our Bishop
Oh thou Lover of Souls, who wills not the death of a sinner, have pity on the world. Remember Calvary, hear the pleading intercessor, and lift up our bishop, Harald Rückert . Bless him to be a leader of our United Methodist Church after your own heart, full of the Holy Spirit, full of Love and full of Zeal. Guide him by your Spirit, accompany him with your omnipotence, that he may tread down the Kingdom of Satan under his feet, and on its ruins build up thy glorious Church.

Advice to a Methodist Bishop from Bishop Coke

  • Be an example to the Believers: in Word, in Conversation, in Charity, in Spirit, in Faith, and in Purity.
  • Keep that which is committed to your trust.
  • Be not ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord, but be a partaker of the afflictions of the Gospel, according to the Power of God.
  • “Endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”
  • “Endure suffering, do the work of a preacher of the good news, and carry out your service fully.” And God will open a wide door indeed, which all your enemies shall not be able to shut.
  • God will carry the Gospel under your direction from sea to sea, perhaps from one end of the Continent to the other.
  • Only feel the importance, and feel the danger of this work and let “not the foot of Pride come against you.”
  • Preserve yourself in all Humility, and Chastity, and holy Love, and you shall be a Vessel of Gold in the Sanctuary of God, you shall bring millions to Righteousness directly or remotely, and shall shine in Glory as a Star of the first magnitude for ever and ever

A Prayer for Bishop Harald Rückert
O God who is the Holy One and the True One, consecrate your servant and our bishop, Harald Rückert with the Fire of Divine Love, separate him for your most glorious purposes, make him a Star in your own right hand, and fulfill in him and by him all the good Pleasure of thy Goodness.

Full sermon by Bishop Coke containing these prayers is here.

Download a pdf of this page for Bishop Rückert here.