Clergywomen Urged to Lead by Example

Rev Clarissa Robertson President Clergywomen of Liberia
Rev Clarissa Robertson, President of UMC Clergywomen of Liberia

The Association of Clergywomen of the United Methodist Church of Liberia has been challenged by Bishop John G. Innis, to serve the church, community, and nation with honesty and dedication. Speaking at the installation service held at the St Matthew UMC in Upper Caldwell, Liberia, Bishop Innis called on the officers of the association to serve with the kind of honesty and dedication that will encourage young women in the church to desire a place in the ministry of disciple making. “Don’t serve with trickery and deceit,” Bishop Innis asserted.

The UMC Prelate urged the Clergywomen to go all out in the communities teaching and encouraging young women to join them in the preaching ministry. Bishop Innis also called on the Clergywomen to ensure that in the next ten years there will be more women pastors in the Liberia Annual Conference. “Shine in your communities so that the name of UMC Liberia can be lifted wherever you are in this country,” the Bishop said.

The UMC Liberia Episcopal Head further urged the Clergywomen to serve with love. He called on them to challenge the leadership of the church when they see things going wrong. “You can even challenge the Episcopal Office when it is wrong about decisions that it has taken,” the Bishop added.

Bishop Innis admonished the Clergywomen to present themselves as acceptable servants of God to the people of the church and communities. “Let your activities help to redeem our children from the bad example of street life,” Bishop Innis concluded.

Accepting her gavel of authority, the Rev. Clarissa J. Robertson, President of the Association of Clergywomen, pledged her leadership commitment to ensuring that young women will be attracted to the Liberia Annual Conference by the number of training activities that her administration will undertake. “We will start with two mud brick classrooms  where young women of our church and community will be trained, President Robertson affirmed.

In his remarks, the Conference Lay Leader, Bro. Rudolph Merab called on the Clergywomen to help their male counterparts in stabilizing the church as we move towards the Episcopal Elections in the Liberia Annual Conference.

Those installed were: Rev. Clarissa J. Robertson, President; Rev. Dorothy W. MaCauley, Vice President; Rev. Massa Musa, Secretary; Rev. Jebbeh Kaizulu, Financial Secretary; Rev. Nelly W. Wright, Treasurer; and Rev. Famatta R. Sackor, Chaplain; among others.