Kaye takes over children ministry in the United Methodist Church in Liberia

Karwolokia Yah Gbongolo, known to many as Kaye is now the new director of the Children Ministry of the Liberia Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church in Liberia. Appointed on March 19, 2021 at the 188th Annual Session of the conference by Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr., Kaye said the department is facing huge challenges in reaching the children of the church. “I want to reactivate the Vacation Bible School program of the church,” she asserted.

She pointed out that the department will initiate Bible Quizzing ministry within the various districts of the Liberia Annual Conference. She said there is void created by the lack of program activities for children in church over past year, adding, “I will work with local Sunday School teachers to revive the children ministry throughout the United Methodist Church in Liberia.” Kaye reiterated the need for the church to work with the children using quality Christian programs that will ensure that the children will take over the future church.

Kaye told West African Writers that her plan as a director is to seek funding support that will help the Children Ministry of the Liberia Annual Conference to construct children playgrounds that will benefit children of the church and the community in which it will be constructed. “Part of the work I will do as director is to advocate for the rights of children and create programs that will nurture them into becoming good citizens both in the church and state,” she concluded.

Karwolokia Yah Gbongolo now brings to two the number of directors that have been appointed to the children’s ministry. Prior to her appointment, Kaye served as the associate director for the department of Christian Education and member of the Publishing Team of the Liberia Annual Conference.

Asked why there has not been an active children ministry for the Liberia Annual Conference, Rev. Geroge D. Wilson, Jr. said the church has not invested into the ministry over the years. Our acknowledgment of children ministry in the conference has been through the Sunday Schools at the local church level, Wilson emphasized. He pointed out that Liberia Annual Conference is now intentional about its children ministry activities.