New Computer Training Center for the United Methodist Church in Liberia

Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. (2nd from right) making a statement at the dedicatory ceremony on the United Methodist Church Compound in Sinkor, Monrovia

By E Julu Swen
Jan. 5, 2021 | MONROVIA, Liberia (WAW News)

In partnership with the Asbury United Methodist Church in Smyrna, Delaware, USA, the United Methodist Church in Liberia has launched a computer training program. “Depending on how best we will use this facility, our partners have committed themselves to funding more development and training initiatives,” Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr., told United Methodists who gathered for the dedication. He said the center will serve all Liberians whether they are Christians or not.

Named the Asbury-Liberia Partnership Computer Center, Quire calls on all United Methodists, especially the young people, to take advantage of the opportunity in enhancing their computer knowledge. He said this is another way the church is contributing to the educational development of the minds of the Liberian people, adding, “The world remains connected during the COVID-19 pandemic because of computer education and the availability of Zoom.” He noted that the more knowledgeable members of the church are, the better it will be for their global connection.

“This center is here because of the partnership talks that our Lay Leader Tolbert G. Nyenswah initiated with the leadership of Asbury United Methodist Church in Smyrna, Delaware,” United States of America, Quire told West African Writers. Nyenswah, who is now residing in Delaware and worshipping with the Asbury United Methodist Church of Smyrna, was instrumental in working with the leadership of the church to raise more than $8,000 and secure 28 refurbished laptops.

According to the associate director of the Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Liberia Annual Conference, Joseph J. Swen, about $5000 of the amount raised and the laptops were used to establish the Asbury-Liberia Partnership Computer Center. Swen, who is presently the acting director of the department that will oversee the center,pointed out that the center will go into full operation on January 19, 2021, stressing, “We will take in 20 students per session and run a 90- day certificate and diploma granting program.” He also indicated that United Methodists, especially those who are working with the church, will be encouraged to enroll at the center to enhance their computer knowledge. “This is the 21st Century, and the computer is the most basic tool that we need to remain connected globally,” Swen concluded.

Led by Senior Pastor Julie Lewis, Rev. Dale Brown, Sr., and Lois Bowers, the Asbury United Methodist Church in Smyrna, Delaware, raised the funds in 2019 for the Liberia United Methodist Church project following a series of discussion with Tolbert G. Nyenswah. The Liberia project includes the computer center and the agriculture program, which received $3000 of the amount raised. The computer center is expected to benefit young people of the church and society and equip them with information, communication, and technology skills for the job market.

New Computer Lab in Sinkor offered through a generous gift from Asbury UMC in Smyrna Delaware.