New Group Forms among UMC in Africa

As the human sexuality issue in the United Methodist Church intensified, another advocacy group is emerging in Africa bringing to three the number of groups that are engaging United Methodists on the continent as they ponder the question of separation.  The released below was leaked to the West African Writers (WAW).



January 4, 2023

The United Methodist Africa Forum (UMAF) is pleased to announce its official launch. United Methodists from across annual conferences, national and continental boundaries have come together to create the UMAF, a platform committed to the unity and future of the United Methodist Church, in Africa and around the globe. When officially launched on January 4, 2023, this group will bring to three the number of groups in Africa that hold various views on which direction the Unite Methodist Church in Africa should take before, during, or after the 2024 General Conference.

UMAF was created to provide a space for United Methodists to come together to engage in meaningful dialogue, share their experiences, ideas, and perspectives. The Forum is committed to fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration among United Methodists in Africa and beyond. UMAF will also provide a platform for United Methodists to come together to discuss issues of faith, justice, and mission.

The mission of the United Methodist Church is well alive and we envision the future of the denomination in which the active participation and commitment of laity and clergy from across central and jurisdictional conferences is imperative regardless of their cultural orientation.

To sustain this sacred mission, we have come together as United Methodists from across Africa, to commit to the future of the United Methodist Church, to advance the voice and representation of African United Methodists in conversations that shape the future of the church so as to model what it means to be a global denomination in the new era, moving beyond the legacies of colonialism, racism, nepotism and other challenges.

We stand in strong support of the African bishops and the leadership of The United Methodist Church in Africa. We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that the African continent faces, and we are committed to working together to ensure that the African church is equipped to meet the needs of its members and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in partnership with all who support the mission and vision of the United Methodist Church globally.

We invite United Methodists from Africa and other regions of the world to this collective effort of unity by advancing our mission across the world. The United Methodist Africa Forum will work with all United Methodists committed to the unity and future of our church from across regions and theological spectrum for a bright future of our denomination. May God bless the continent of Africa and the United Methodist Church, looking forward to seeing the positive impact that the Forum will have on the African church.


  1. Rev. David K. Mucherera – South Africa Conference
  2. Rev. Gabriel Banga Masuswa- Zambia Conference
  3. Rev. Caleb S.G. Dormah Liberia Conference
  4. Rev. Naftal Masela Naftal- Mozambique South Conference


  1. Rev. Dr. Julio Velenculois- Mozambique North Conference
  2. Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota- Zimbabwe East Conference