Longing to Belong


Longing to Belong equips us to navigate through the inevitable “storms” in all our relationships. Useful at home, church, and at work.

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Longing to Belong: Learning to Relate as the Body of Christ

by Beth M. Crissman

Life is all about the relationship, and in every relationship, there is conflict. Conflict is natural, inevitable, and actually essential to refine who we are, whose we are, and what we are to be about.

In fact, conflict does not harm us, but how we respond to conflict can. Longing to Belong equips us to navigate through the inevitable “storms” in all of our relationships at home, at work, and even at church. Used in hundreds of churches and thousands of homes around the world, this second edition contains both the theological and practical tools needed to strengthen your life and ministries together.

A short introduction of Longing to Belong by Beth Crissman is here.

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