Profile of Candidates for Nomination: Rev. Morrison M. Wleh

Born on June 9, 1955 into the union of Mr. David M. Wleh and Mrs. Emma N. Bobbroh in Neroh-Paety Township, Jloh District, Grand Kru County, Republic of Liberia,

Rev. Morrison M. Wleh
Rev. Morrison M. Wleh

, Sr. comes to this competition from a rather different perspective. “The Lord God Himself told me in a dream that I should participate in the nomination process,” Rev. Wleh said. Baptized at an early age by his parents at the Nimely Kloteh UMC in Neroh, and nurtured by his parents through the Christian discipline, Rev. Wlen now serves as the Senior Pastor of the St. Matthew UMC, Monrovia District Conference and director of the UMC Liberia S. Edward Peal Center.

Administratively, the path that Rev. Morrison Wleh, Sr. travelled in the Liberia Annual Conference has prepared him for the highest leadership position in the United Methodist Church in Liberia. As District Superintendent of Nana Kru District, Director of S. Edward Peal Center, Senior Pastor of St. Matthew UMC, Associate Pastor of the J.J. Powell UMC in Monrovia, Pastor-In-Charge of M.F. Bailey UMC, and Associate Pastor of Georgia Patten UMC, the UMC Liberia clergyman has touched the lives of, if not all, then most United Methodists. Moreover and having served on the cabinet of the Rev. Dr. John G. Innis, Resident Bishop of the Liberia Area, Rev. Wleh knows what it means to be a bishop in the United Methodist Church giving the numerous representation that he made on behalf of Bishop Innis by inducting into office few district superintendents including Rev. Patrick Benin, the late Rev. Morris Jarkloh, Rev. Sam Kanwea, and Rev. Solomon Jeh.

Like his Christian upbringing, Rev. Morrison Wleh, Sr. started his educational journey from home soil when he attended the Neroh Public School in Grand Kru County and later completed 12th grade at the People’s College in Monrovia. Theologically, he holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree (BTh) from the Gbarnga School of Theology (now a college of the United Methodist University) and presently pursuing his MTh at the Cuttington University Graduate School in Monrovia.

Since the nomination fever hit the clergy of the Liberia Annual Conference and its lay membership, the call to seek the face of God in fasting and prayer has been persistent. If the dream of Rev. Morrison Wleh, Sr. is part of God’s response to that persistent request of fast and prayer than the game can be considered over and the grace of God has fallen on the clergyman, but the opposite is true, the human elements of this competition does not end it with fast and prayer, neither does it ends with a dream. The actual tallying of nomination ballots at the 183rd Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, Liberia will conclude the matter for all competitors including Rev. Morrison Wleh, Sr.

Rev. Morrison Wleh, Sr. and his wife, the late Mary K.F. Wleh have five children and he is taking care of several other children.