Research Coordinator sought for Work in Monrovia

The United Methodist of Norway and the people and government of Norway through the Norwegian Mission In Development (Digni) has since 2004 been in cooperation with sister churches in Africa, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe developing an innovative approach to community development called “Partnership in Development”.
The cooperation with LAC /UMC started in 2006 and the progress of the work has been successful. Joint discussions between LAC/UMC, UMCSL (United Methodist Church of Sierra Leone) and MM started 2011 looking into the possibility of expanding the work to include UMCSL.

A successful feasibility study in Sierra Leone took place early 2012 followed by training both in Norway and in Liberia. Based on the long historical relationship and the connectional principle in the United Methodist Church, it has now been agreed to create a regional competence centre in Liberia known as the West Africa Regional Centre (WARC) to continue the development of the Partnership in Development(PID) concept.


Organization: West Africa Regional Centre(WARC)/United Methodist Church.

Vacancy Number : 01/2017
Department : Department of Community Services
Regional Centre Office
Functional Area : Researcher
Duty Station : Regional Office, 13th Street, Sinkor
United Methodist Church compound
Contract Type : 12 Months
Number of Position : 1
Probationary Period : 3 Months
Gender : Males/Female; But females are encouraged to apply
Salary : Negotiable base on qualification and experience
Report To : Program Director & Regional Task Force Chairperson

The duties and responsibilities of Research Officer include but are not limited to the followings:

  •  To run the day to day affairs of the Regional centre, help to collect necessary documentations for the centre.
  •  To make sure that all the office files are well prepared and maintained.
  • To prepare correspondence/communication and reports to the Department Director and the Regional Task Force Chairperson
  • To undertake purchases for the office and also to visit some local gather additional information concerning the project with regards to using the PID methodology
  • To Document and place in the Centre, along with the regional training manual all the documents involving the success stories of the PID as it relates to community development, including the challenges and lessons learned.
  • Identify and work with other agencies and institutions both public and private involved with research and obtain concert documents that will serve as importance to the center.
  • Develop a standardize brochure; providing all the detail information about the center and its activities, dealing with researchers on a first come first serve basis in consultation from the task force chairperson.
  • Perform any other related activities and task assigned by the Program Director & Regional Task force chairperson.



This assignment requires committed and qualified researchers with insight knowledge of national and international best practices and experiences in the field of public research, institutional development, development studies with policy and planning, public relations, law and legislature, procurement and government affairs. Development studies with emphasis in community development and strengthen of civil society.
The researchers should fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least 2-3 years of working experience in qualitative and quantitative researches, public administration, governance affairs, policy and planning, and technical experience in doing institutional assessment and policy revision and community organizing.
  • Hold Master’s degrees in social sciences, law, public policy, public administration, or other relevant fields such as development studies.
  • Proven experiences of undertaking researches in governance, transparency, accountability, corruption fields and preferably have a clue of public construction sector.


  • Willing to work cooperatively as part of a team to complete the research required under the Scoping Study.
  • Good interpersonal skills and experience in working with professional, technical staff of government, NGOs and companies.
  • Integrity, punctuality, intellectual curiosity, willingness to take initiative, multi-tasking, and willingness to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Proficiency in English and being computer literate is a must.

All interested applicants should apply by sending your CV as well as a cover letter to:
Department of Community Services/Regional Centre Office
Head Office of the LAC/United Methodist Church
13th Street Sinker, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

DEADLINE: The deadline for application is Friday, June 2, 2017.

Signed: Approved:
Prof. Sam Toga Slewion Dr. George Weagba
Secretary-Regional Task Force-UMC Chairman-Regional Task Force-UMC