S. T. Nagbe UMC Distant Members Fellowship Gives Aid to Needy Members

The S. T. Nagbe UMC Distant Members Fellowship doing renovation work on the kitchen at the home of a member in Delaware, USA.

As part of its mission to foster interpersonal relationships and care for one another, the Stephen Trowen Nagbe United Methodist Church Distant Members Fellowship, over the last months, identified and embarked on a special mission assistance to one of its members. The Mission Team accomplished renovation work at the home of the member in the state of Delaware, spending about $6,000 on indoor fixtures of the home. Speaking to our West African Writers’ reporter, the President of the fellowship said the initiative was the group’s way of staying in touch with and upholding each other in the US.

“We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in this home away from home,” Bolo noted. He said the S. T. Nagbe UMC Distant Members Fellowship is involved in caregiving activities in the US and back home in Liberia, adding, “We support feeding programs at the church in Liberia and provide support to orphanages.” Bolo told West African Writers that one of their major activities is the lighting of the Christmas tree in the compound of the church. He said the event is meant to bring church members together to celebrate Christmas as a church family before going on with their individual Christmas celebrations. “At this event, we served food to all who come to the church, including at-risk young people known as “zogos” in Liberia,” he emphasized.

The S. T. Nagbe UMC Distant Members Fellowship moving materials during renovation work in Delaware, USA.

The more than 200-member fellowship was established over a decade ago and has been rebranded in ways that can now impact the lives of its members wherever they are, in the church back home, as well as in the Diaspora. Bolo is the fellowship’s third president and the youngest to lead the fellowship. He was elected on September 3, 2022, during the annual gathering of the fellowship, where programs and projects were also reviewed. The fellowship now has a 501c3 status in the US and can apply for grants to undertake projects that can shape lives and make the world a better place.

The fellowship now has a website STNUMCDMF that you can go to in order to review their activities and make a donation as you are led by the Lord.