The Vulnerable Take Center Stage in Anti-Ebola Campaign

Some of the Senior  citizens that benefited from the LBB food distribution
Some of the Senior
Citizens that benefited from the LBB food distribution

In furtherance of the anti-Ebola campaign, Love Beyond Borders (LBB) is now serving the vulnerable persons in the various communities in Monrovia and its environs. At the head of the LBB Team, Rev. Dr. Yatta Young, President and Chief Executive Officer, visited Liberia Education Children Foundation Orphanage within the New Georgia Community and the Charles Edward Britt Old Folks’ Home, belonging to the United Methodist Church in Liberia. The team was there to distribute assorted items including rice, clothing, and shoes. Earlier, the organization distributed sanitizing materials such as buckets, chlorine, Clorox, soap, and assorted food items during its first involvement in the anti-Ebola campaign.

“I have a stake in the growth process of these children and how they are taken care of in this home,” Dr. Young said. The President/CEO told the children at the orphanage that the LBB was providing the clothes and shoes for them through the help of friends in the United States of America. “Our friends of the First Presbyterian Church and New Hope Missionary Baptist Church both of St. Joseph, Missouri, are deeply concerned about your welfare as you go through this Ebola crisis,” Dr. Young said. Mother Young, as she is called by children of the community, lamented the poverty-stricken condition of the children, especially the condition of no clothes and shoes. “It breaks my heart every time I see you in tattered clothes and walking around with your feet on the ground,” the clergywoman added.

Lining up to try on their new clothes, one of the orphans thanked Dr. Young for always

Some of the Orphans in some of their clothes
Some of the Orphans in some of their clothes

responding to their needs. “We need mattresses and beddings for the children,” the caregiver added.

Earlier, on October 2, 2014, Dr. Young was accompanied by staff members of Love Beyond Borders and donated several bags of rice to the UMC-Liberia-managed Old Folks’ Home outside of Monrovia. Presenting the rice, Dr. Young said that, though her passion was children’s ministry, she felt compelled to make the donation to the old folks’ home because the Ebola virus crisis has diverted the nation’s attention from the vulnerable people of the communities, especially children and senior citizens in hospices around the country. “At this moment in our national crisis, you are the forgotten segment of the Liberian society,” the LBB director emphasized.

Rev. Anna Kpaan, Director of the UMC Liberia’s Ministry to the Aged, thanked the LBB team and their sponsors for the gift of food to the home. She said the food was provided just in time, as the old folks did not have a meal for the next day. “Kindness is what gives these senior citizens hope for life,” Rev. Kpaan said.

“We are always looking on the road for our people to come visit us,” said 93-year-old Quipoogar Andrews, when he was asked by fellow senior citizens to thank LBB.

One of the first efforts of Love Beyond Borders was distributing disease preventive materials such as buckets, chlorine, and soap to homes in the New Georgia Estate Community on September 6, 2014. At the time Dr. Young said that the safety of one household or neighborhood needed to be the concern of all Liberians. “If my neighbors are not safe, my household will not be safe no matter what we do,” she said at the time.