Trauma Healing Center for Girls established in Liberia

EGLE (Every Girl Leaves Empowered) Girls House, a trauma resolution service has been launched in Liberia by Goumah Conde. According to Conde the institution is intended to help young girls resolve their past traumatic issues which are hindering their progress in life, adding, as a young girl growing up in a war-torn country, I had to struggle with some unresolved trauma throughout my adult life.” She pointed out that there are lots of positive potentials in most of the young people growing up in Liberia, but most of that is hindered because of the trauma associated with their growth process. She said the EGLE Girls House will work with girls who finds themselves in this situation to help them deal with their unresolved trauma.

Goumah Conde at the EGLE Girls House in Liberia

She disclosed that unresolved trauma is the biggest challenge facing most young people in Liberia, especially young girls in and out of school. “I want to help young girls deal with the issues of childhood trauma because I know its effect on their lives,” Conde stressed. She also said it will be the policy of the institution that each girl coming in for clinical service will leave empowered after treatment.

In separate remarks, Rev. Dr. Julius S. Nelson, President of the University of Liberia, told attendees at the launch that it is now time that Liberians learn how to seek help from professional people who want to help them in dealing with their traumatic problems. “I am proud that Goumah Conde has come back home to contribute to our nation building process by helping young people, especially girls in the trauma healing process,” Nelson emphasized. He pointed out that in his long history of working with young people, unresolved trauma as disclosed by Conde was a challenge for Liberia, stressing, “we need to work with the EGLE Girls House to help our sisters and brothers who are struggling with various stages of trauma.”

For his part, Bishop M. Wolo Belleh of the Harvest International Church challenged Liberians especially parents to take advantage of the new initiative that will help transformed the lives of young girls. Praying during the formal opening of the EGLE Girls House, Bishop Belleh calls for concerted efforts that will help young Liberian girls in dealing with their unresolved trauma. “We need your help and guidance as Goumah Conde and team seek to provide trauma healing services to the young people of this country,” he prayed.  

Cutting the ribbon to the facility, Albert N. Bass, father of Goumah Conde, said the establishment of the EGLE Girls House is a fulfillment of his dream for young Liberians. “As I watched the children in my community trooped to ghettos to subject their bodies to drugs, I worried about the future of our country Liberia,” Bass lamented. He pointed out that the service that the EGLE Girls House will provide should not be all to it but that books should be written that will also help in dealing with the issue of unresolved trauma that many Liberia children are suffering. “Write another book,” he told Goumah Conde.

In a special remark, Augustin Conde, husband of Goumah Conde declared the EGLE Girls House, the “EGLE Girls Movement.” He urged all those who will work with or benefit from the services of the institution to treat it like a movement, stressing, “that is the only way we will make impact in the Liberian society.” He called on friends at home and abroad (the US, especially), to join them in reaching out to the many Liberians that are traumatized.

EGLE (Every Girl Leaves Empowered) Girls House was launched on December 27, 2021, and is located on the Dyawulu Cooperative Learning Center campus in Paynesville adjacent the African Dream Academy on the Robertsfield Highway. It is the first known trauma healing facility in Liberia.

Goumah Conde is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional, host of the Marriage Village Podcast on YouTube, and Co-host of the Christ Above All Podcast. She is also the Author of Finding Her Own Way: An Empowerment Book for Young Women. The book can be found on Amazon and Kindle.