UMC Liberia Students urged to take Learning Serious

Bishop Innis visiting with students at Siaffa-keh UMS in Grand Cape Mount County
Bishop Innis visiting with students at Siaffa-keh UMS in Grand Cape Mount County

In preparation for the 182nd Session of the Liberia Annual Conference, the Resident Bishop Rev. Dr. John G. Innis recently visited a school in Grand Cape Mount County. At the Siaffa-keh United Methodist School, Bishop Innis appealed to the students of the institution to pay attention to their studies because the church and the state are depending on them as future leaders of the country. Addressing them as “fellow students,” the UMC Liberia clergyman said Liberia needs individuals who will take the business of learning seriously. “God through Jesus Christ has something good in store for you,” the Bishop said.

He indicated that Liberia needs good leaders for its future and the church and the country Siaffa-keh_UMS_BishopInnis_2look to those who will take the learning business serious. He urged the students to be respectful to each other, to their teachers, principal and to those who help to prepare your lunch every day, an apparent reference to parents. “When you do these things, Jesus will be happy with you always and will double his love for you,” the Liberia Area Bishop affirmed.

The UMC Liberia Bishop thanked Rev. Dr. Thompson and Rev. Dr. Julius Williams all of whom were part of his delegation for their leadership at the First United Methodist Church and their involvement in the expansion of the education ministry of the church in this part of Liberia. “Your leadership at First UMC is in response to the mission of our church, “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” Bishop Innis concluded

Speaking on behalf of the school and the students, Rev. Milton Dunbar, principal of the Siaffa-keh UMS thanked Bishop Innis for the visit to the school among the many United Methodist Schools. “The staff and students are extremely happy and your visit here today is an assurance that we are a part of the UMC Liberia school system,” the principal said. He also said the he and his staff were overwhelmed by the visit of the Episcopal head of UMC Liberia and his delegations. “Indeed your presence on our campus despite your busy schedule is an indication that you love and care for us dearly,” Dunbar said.

Siaffa-keh_UMS_BishopInnis_1Siaffa-keh United Methodist School is located in the Siaffa-keh community in Grand Cape Mount County, Western Liberia. The school was constructed by the First United Methodist Church in Monrovia as part of its ministry to the people of Liberia. The school which now serves 310 students was established 2010 and has since been in operation. It brings to two the number of UMC Liberia schools in the county and is also part of the 56 United Methodist Schools in Liberia.