24 April 2023
JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA –The United Methodist Africa Forum (UMAF) gathered in Johannesburg from 21 to 22 April 2023, and resolved to support the unity of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Africa. The UMAF recognized and supported the September 2022 African Bishops’ Statement against the separation of the UMC.

The UMAF called on all United Methodists across Africa to reject the call to split and dis-unite the UMC. The forum recommended investing in agriculture, real estate, mining, transportation, partnership with corporate institutions, and tithing for the sustainability of the UMC in Africa.
The UMAF also called for the establishment and investment in relevant theological education and training to address the increasing growth of the UMC in Africa. The forum encouraged General Conference delegates to gather in central conferences before the General Conference to enable the African delegates to bring issues confronting Africa to be addressed together.

The UMAF named and approved the name United Methodist Africa Forum (UMAF) as an association of United Methodists that aims to promote, support and foster unity in The United Methodist Church in Africa. The forum called and encouraged the Africa Central Conferences to revive the spirit of evangelism.

The UMAF also called for the UMC to address the special needs of children and youth in Christian Education. The forum called for the development of strategic plans that would promote growth and sustainability of the UMC in Africa. The UMAF called the General Conference to adopt the revised 2020 social principles.

The forum adopted the Operational Document as the tool that will be used for the operation of the UMAF. The UMAF supports the future of the unity of the UMC through regionalization based on the proposed Christmas Covenant legislation to the postponed GC2020.

As UMAF, the forum upheld what is stated in the UMC Book of Discipline paragraph 304.3 regarding homosexuality that it is incompatible with Christian teaching.

The UMAF also named and approved the election of the leadership team of UMAF, which includes Rev. Lloyd Nyarota as the General Coordinator, Regional Coordinators, General Secretary, Associate Secretaries, Treasurer, and Advisors.

UMAF directed the appropriate officers of committees to take all necessary actions to implement the adopted recommendations. The forum expressed its appreciation to the Committee for its diligent work and valuable recommendations.

Rev. Lloyd Nyarota
General Coordinator
United Methodist Africa Forum
Website: www.umcafricaforum.org

Rev. Lloyd Nyarota, General Coordinator
Rev. David Mucherera, Africa Central
Rev. Dr. Bey Kazadi, Congo Central
Rev. Caleb S. G. Domah, West Africa

General Secretary Rev. Gabriel Banga Mususwa
Associate Secretaries
Anglophone: Laura Nyamai
German Unda Mupasa Lusophone: Rev. Neusa Joaquim Ndalamba
Nelly Gatune Solomon

Rev. Júlio Vilanculo, Africa Central Conference
Rev. Herbert Sikazwe Kawala, Congo Central Conference
Memeh Bedell Nuway, West Africa Central Conference