United Methodist Church prays for the Church and Country

In its third day session, the 191st Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference dedicated the morning of Friday, February 16, 2024, to Fast and Prayers. Leading the praying moment at the conference, Rev. Dr. Jerry P. Kulah, a member of the conference and leader of the Africa Initiative called on the congregation to pray for pastors and their families so that pastors should walk with God and not walk against God. “Pastors should live lives worthy of their calling and be at variance with the will of God,” he urged.

He also prayed that God would break the spirit of abomination and every cult spirit attempting to enter the church. Kulah further prayed for the government of Liberia including the President, Vice President, Speaker, President Pro Tempore, and all members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary.

Rev. Matthew Williams also led the congregation by praying for the United Methodist Church and the Liberia Annual Conference. Williams said the church should obey God rather than man when it comes to the debate currently going on in the church regarding human sexuality.