United Methodists in Sierra Leone troop to Bo City

Members of the Sierra Leone Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church will be meeting this week in its 142nd Annual Session in the Trebes Memorial United Methodist Church in Messima, Bo City, Sierra Leone. The gathering is expected to bring together close to 1000 members of the conference. Key among the many agenda items is the holding of the Episcopal Nomination on Saturday, March 5, 2022.  The Episcopal Nomination is the beginning of the process that will lead to the election of the successor of the Late Bishop John K. Yambasu when the West Africa Central Conference of the church meets at its next gathering. Those seeking Episcopal Nomination are Rev. Prof. Edwin Momoh, Rev. Emmanuel Pewa, Rev. Francis Ben Charley, and Rev. James Boye-Caulker.

West African Writers (an online journal) has requested these individuals to submit their biodata and platform for onward publication and sharing with the global United Methodist Church audience. Beginning today, February 28, 2022, we are going to start with the information that we have received so far.

Interim Bishop Warner H. Brown delivering the Closing Service message of last year’s Annual Session of the SLAC in Freetown, Sierra Leone..