West African Young People’s Gathering in Cote d’Ivoire Scheduled

Six months after general West Africa Central Conference (WACC) met in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, the young people of the WACC will be meeting at the same venue in May 2017.  YOUNG PEOPLE’S GATHERING  2017 as the event is called, is a gathering of young people within the West Africa Central Conference of the United Methodist Church and they will be hosted by the young people of the United Methodist Church in Cote D’Ivoire.

Venue of Young People's Gathering May 2017
Venue of Young People’s Gathering May 2017


VENUE –  La Maison de l’Esperance

DATE     –   1st to 8th May, 2017 (Traveling Days Inclusive)

THEME   – “Oneness in diversity” 1st Corth 1:10

HIGHLIGHTS – Fellowship, Celebrative worship, Bible study, Workshops, Drama, Music, Dance, Cultural sharing, Recreation etc.


Several speakers will be at the gathering to help us look in to the following;

  1. The United Methodist Church at the cross roads: What should be the role of the young people in Africa.
  2. Young People and Health Issues (Including the effect of Early Marriage/Teenage Pregnancy) in the Twenty-first Century
  3. Entrepreneurship for young people the key to breaking the cycle of Poverty.
  4. Environmental Justice Etc.


All our WACC Bishops are invited and it is our hope and prayer that our Bishops to whom we are grateful for all that they are doing in the life of young people will find time to see us while we are there although we were told by the College of Bishops Secretary Bishop J.K.Yambasu that it’s coincides with the Council of Bishops meeting which makes it challenging for all of them to be present as we were hoping for our “WACC Bishops hour”. We are however hopeful that we will have at least two at our official opening.


Liberia 8 Delegates (4 Youths, 4 Young Adults) + 2 Executive (1 WACC Executive and One Past GBOD Board Representative) + 1 Director = 11
Sierra Leone Episcopal Area 8 Delegate (4 Youths, 4 Young Adults) + 2 Executive (1 WACC Executive and One Past GBOD Board Representative) + 1 Director = 11
Nigeria Episcopal Area 8 Delegate (4 Youths, 4Young Adults) + 2 Executive (1 WACC Executive and One Past GBOD Board Representative) + 1 Director = 11
Senegal Mission Area 4 delegate (2 Male and 2 female) + 1 WACC Executive + 1 Director = 6
Cameroon Mission Area 4 delegate (2 Male and 2 Female) + 1 executive + 1 Director = 6
Cote D’Ivoire Episcopal Area 10 delegate (5 Youths, 5 Young Adults) + 2 Executive (1 WACC Executive and One Past GBOD Board Representative) + 1 Director =13
Missionary 1 Regional Missionary
Africa Representative 1 GBOD
Facilitator 7 Facilitator (5 From Host Country including 2 Interpreters) = 7
Total             67


Please know that we will appreciate you considering gender representation.

We shall be grateful if the names of all participants including their relevant contact information are received on or before Monday the 7th of May 2017 so that travel arrangements (ticketing and immigration) will be made as soon as possible since we do not have much time.Please not that provision will be made for observers form each country provided they can pay their transportation and accommodation Please let us know if your country will be coming with observers so that we can send you the cost of Accommodation.

As soon as we receive information about your different Episcopal Area/Mission area contributions and the names of participants, detail information regarding the program and travel will be communicated to them. Please endeavor to state the nearest international airport in your country where you will prefer to take off from to avoid long distance travel and high cost. Information on participant must include the following;

  1. Full name as in passport indicating
  2. Sex
  3. Passport number
  4. Date and place of issue
  5. Date of expiration of passport
  6. Direct Contact telephone number, and,
  7. E-mail addresses.


Cost of participation: The United Methodist Women Regional Missionary Initiative, GBOD and the different Episcopal Area/Mission Area will cover the full cost of participation (including round trip air tickets, food, accommodation, and program documents) for all participants. Participants will be responsible for their travel documents (passports, international vaccination certificates and internal travel costs within their home countries). However, internal travel costs will be provided for participants AT A VERY REASONABLE COST WITH RECEIPT who will have to cover long distances to the nearest international airport.

Accommodation: The venue for the Gathering is La Maison De L’Esperance. The venue is owned by the La Cote D’Ivoire Episcopal Area

What to bring along:  Please bring along the following:

  1. Your Bible– You will need this for Bible study sessions and for your daily private meditation
  2. Prescription drugs– Participants are strongly encouraged in their own interests to bring along prescription drugs that will last them for the duration of the Gathering. Our budget does not cover medical expenses for participants.
  3. National Flag– Participants must bring ONE standard size flag of their country. The flags will be used for the official opening and will be displayed in the conference hall throughout the gathering.
  4. Report– This will include what you do.


Evening Activities: There will be a special session during the evening activities where each participants and country will entertain the entire assembly with songs, skits, poems and other cultural performances. Participants are therefore encouraged to come prepared for these special evenings.

If you need any further information about the event, please kindly contact:

Finda Quiwa at ffkabba@yahoo.com

Cell: +232-76-656322


Sam S.T Grimes at stig772002@yahoo.com

Cell: +231 – 777 – 239 – 930