Ricks Institute in Liberia

World Hunger Relief Boosts Agriculture Activities at Ricks Institute in Liberia

A volunteer of World Hunger Relief, Camille Cody has ended her six months agriculture teaching tour at the Ricks Institute in Brewerville, Liberia. During her tour of duty, she was instrumental in helping the Department of Agriculture at the Ricks Institute boost their agriculture activities including the persistent use of organic products to feed the students of the institution.

World Hunger Relief Volunteer Camille Cody

According to Ms. Cody, Ricks Institute was selected by World Hunger Relief, Inc. based in Waco, Texas, USA as part of the institutions around the world that they are helping to fight hunger globally. “Since my arrival here, Ricks has insisted on feeding their students with organic food grown by their students,” she asserted. She said the time spent at the Ricks Institute was used to learn traditional Liberian agriculture while helping the local community volunteers and students with western methods of agriculture.

The agriculture program of the school is the major source of feeding the boarding students at Ricks Institute with organic food, Ms. Cody said. “Students of agriculture at the institution are using the farm as their practicum after their theoretical lessons,” she said. The WHF volunteer said that the produce from the farm is sold to the school at an affordable price and onward to other buyers around the communities where the school is located. “We grow corn, pepper, eggplants, and variety of greens,” Ms. Cody stated. She further said the Agriculture Department of the institute is growing cash crops and livestock which include cattle and pigs.

Students at Ricks Institute
Students at Ricks Institute

On the question of the reception she received from the students and staff since her arrival, Ms. Cody said the community was very much used to having USA based experts and that contributed to the warmness of the relationship she had with the faculty and students of Ricks. “This tour of duty at Ricks has contributed greatly to the cultural experience that I was hoping to get when I first arrived,” she added. “I am hoping that there will be some cultural exchange plans between Ricks Institute and the World Hunger Relief that will allow students of agriculture to also visit the USA,” Ms. Cody concluded.

Camille Cody was seconded to the Ricks Institute as a volunteer to work with the Agriculture Department of the school after completing her internship with the World Hunger Relief Inc. Her trip to Liberia was mostly sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Columbus, Georgia, USA. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, Ms. Cody grew up in Covenant Community United Methodist Church.

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